Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Pictures

I had to take Bradley to the doctor yesterday...He has a sore throat a lot and so they are going to refer me to an ENT to get his tonsils out!! At least once a month we have to go to the doctor!! SO after that we decided to take some spring pictures...
Here is Britani with her little dog Dixie!!

Here are the twins and Dixie would not stay out of the pictures...see her right behind Britani!!
SO we had to go put her up and finish the pictures!!

And this is my Favorite!! I can't believe they are so grown up!! I just wish it was all 3 of my kids but I still do for the twins and will maybe photo shop Justin in(TRACY)!!! HAHA!!

Then the Pastor of our church called and wanted to go eat Mexican!!

SO that was my day!! You all have a great day today...I am going to the Cherry Blossom Festival!! FUN FUN!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Great pictures Sis! Love those two and we'll sneak Justin in the picture when he gets home, cute puppy too! Bradley sure got tall all of a sudden, poor fella with those tonsils. I hope you all have fun at the festival, I would love to go. It sure looks like a picture-perfect day:) Love you bunches!

  2. Have fun at the festival. And I love the pictures. Cute dog.

  3. So did you go eat Mexican or did he just want you all to know he was? lol!
    Love those smiling faces. Good looking kids and that puppy is a doll! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. Well, I loved seeing those two faces when I logged into your blog :) they are getting so tall & look so grownup! You won't have to photoshop Justin in, he'll be home soon enough sweet Cindy! Enjoy your day, enjoy the sun & enjoy life!!!! LYLAS!!!

  5. Beautiful and handsome - very grown up. Have fun at the cherry blossom festival!