Friday, March 5, 2010

Just about couldn't

Well I just about couldn't do a post today!! I have my Internet and Cable through this company and well it was out when I got home yesterday and in and out through the night!! But I got it on long enough for a post!! And can you imagine being the one to answer the phone and calling...Yes...I understand that there is an outage in my area but I think that it really needs to be fixed NOW!! I do a blog every day and I have people waiting and expecting it to be here before I go to work!! Yes....I understand that the Techs are working on it and it will be back on soon...Well how long do you think cause not only do I do a blog but ...
I have to be able to get on face book!! See mam....My son is deployed and that is my way of connecting with the other Marine Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends, and Aunts!!! SO do you please think that you could get this back up and running soon!! I am gonna go crazy!! And her final response was...Ms. Simmons, I understand that you want/need this back on and the techs are working to get to back. I am so sorry and please just give us a little only went out 5 minutes ago!! Haha!!
So I figured out I am ADDICTED!!! haha!!
SO on to something else!! I have ordered Justins welcome home sign and this is the picture I used!! He is so darn handsome and I could about stick my hand through this computer and just pinch him!! haha!! I miss him so much and I just get chills when I just think about him coming home!!

You all have a wonderful day and remember our praying...Never can we stop until all our guys are back home safely!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I know, Sis... I have looked a number of times to see if you were just not doing one today:) Love you, love Justin and he IS sooooooo handsome! Have a blessed day my sweet Sister... you winner you:)

  2. Yes Maam! They are handsome men anyway, but those dress blues....well, we know why females are attracted to the uniformed soldier, yes? They just are uber-handsome. It's like the day we saw our hubby in a tuxedo. Now I know they think we are some vision of highest lovliness coming down the aisle in our wedding dresses, but oh...seeing them in that tux-suit. It's kind of like a uniform in a way. WE are oogling just as much when we are looking at them. (ya know what I mean?) wink.
    And I know about the internet down, and loss of power during a typing session or doing a blog. I don't like myself when I think about my reaction!!! I'm incredulous and saying words like (shhh....stupid, and -"idiots") don't tell anybody else. It's not very honorable speech. But I hear ya. Glad to see your post. And I am praying!!! God's angels are watching over them. Sometimes I think they must be coming in very very low to watch and guide the steps of these Marines....hugs.

  3. Ohh. Internet and cable are a must! Hope it is all back to normal when you get home today (if you get to leave McDonald's)! :)

  4. Cindy you had me laughing from th estart of your post...still laughing as I type...I am addicted too and may need an intervention soon :) ~ Yes that is one handsome MArine you have there Mrs. Simmons & he'll be standin gon your front porch before you know it :) have a great night LYLAS!!!

  5. Ya know I love a Marine in blues. ;) No doubt about it ~ Marines have the best dress uniform hands down.

    For the record, when my hubby was deployed, I was not a happy camper when the internet went down. Our cable company was well aware. ;) Just sayin' that I get it, completely. lol!