Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here and there and everywhere!!

Well my day started out here!! The college...I have got where I spend a lot of time here and looks like I will be spending a lot more!! I have been taking entrance testing and I have passed all of them with NO problem! So I am going to school to be a CNA first and then before its all done I will be a RN. So that means I start out with a Certificate and they were trying to get me to go ahead and do Diploma course. My grades have been so good they felt like I was able to move on up. I myself wants to start out low and work my way up. So I will be sticking to the CNA Class.

After that I had bought a birthday gift for a Marine Mom friend of mine. Her son and Justin have been friends since boot camp also and she has been really down lately! Her son doesn't call home...he said he doesn't want them to cry!! But no excuses are good enough when it comes to calling home!! So I went here to get her a small gift to her for her Birthday!!
Well...This picture is of Justin graduating boot camp! The two people in the picture are very special and hold a VERY special spot in my heart!! The lady in the blue is Ms. Louise and she past away a few months back. She loved Justin and thought he was the stuff!! And the other lady is Joan...She has been one of my many prayer warriors through out this entire Marine Journey!! She is always one to write Justin a letter send him a package and just adores everything about him!!!

So, Joan wanted to go to lunch to celebrate the safety of Justin thus far and so that is just what we did! Joan, Brenda, Barbara and Theresa(Ganky) all met at this wonderful place and had lots of laughs!! It was good for all of us and just so much fun!!

So then...My day is not yet finished!! Good thing I had taken the day off work!! Jeff has bought a trailer to haul the 4-wheeler on and the lawn mower on and well it needed its tag!! So...that is what I did!! I went here and got the tag and then my day was finally complete!!

Well so I thought!!
My favorite show was back on and in front of the TV is where I finished up my evening!!! I just love this show...some things didn't go the way I wanted them but that is the game of the show!! haha!!!

I am back at work today!! I hope that you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Well now you did have a busy day! Mine was a little busy but I crashed on the sofa for much of the afternoon:) Have a blessed day, I am headed to the post office this morning to send Justin's Girl Scout Cookies from me and Tracy! Love you oodles!

  2. Joan sounds like a very special lady. I'm glad you had a productive day with some laughs thrown in. Another day closer to Justin coming home! xoxo

  3. Wow, you were know taking it slow and at your own pace is the right thing to do ~ DO NOT LET ANYONE PRESSURE INTO DOING OTHERWISE! I am so proud of you, you will be a great nurse :) Have a great night LYLAS!!!!