Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends + Gift + Proud = ME!!!

So I was off yesterday!! I had some stuff I needed to take care of but before time to do that I met up with these two!!
Left: Joan and Right: Theresa(Ganky)
We went to an Antique store...Not somewhere that I have never really went!! But thats where Joan wanted to go so that is what we did!! And I have to say I had a BLAST!!!

Look at Ganky...she was gonna play us a tune and maybe even sing us a song!!! And she could have done it she really does know how..it just didn't play well!!!

And then we went here for lunch!! Yummy...Chargrilled Chicken Salad!!! We chatted and laughed and just enjoyed ourselves!!

Then after lunch...Look what I got!! Yes that is right...A gift for ME!! I had won the one year anniversary giveaway at
it was wrapped so pretty, I almost didn't want to open it! But I did!!

And it was loaded with goodies!!! Notepad, stickers, journal, post it notes, kitchen notes, Angel pillow, candle, night light, and a bird ornament!!! I love every single thing!!! It was so much fun to go through and look at everything!! Thank you Sis!!! I enjoy your blog and wouldn't make it through the day with out it!!

So now I have all my goodies home and I will show you all I got...2 Light Houses for a friend, A Black Boot for Britani, Salt and Pepper Shakers, An Apple Tea pot and Yes the table that all of my stuff is sitting on!!

Since we bought the new furniture we have been looking for a very small table to sit beside Jeff's chair and well I found one today!!! It is just perfect!! He is not like me...I have to have everything but the kitchen sink sitting beside me!! I want nail polish, polish remover, nail files, scissors, glasses, lotion and anything else I may need right here be side me!! All he wanted it for was for his coffee/tea and the remote control!! And that is about all it will hold so therefore it is PERFECT!!!
Then after my day we had Bradley's wrestling tournament!! It was fun and I have really gotten close to some of those parents and will miss them!! These are the coaches!! They really did a good job with giving out the all of the certificates!! They had really nice things to say about each one of them!! Bradley has been wrestling since the 7th grade and we love it...it is a long sport and those tournaments last a long time!! But we only have one more year!! Bradley got his Varsity Letter last night so now we have to get a Letterman's Jacket!!

So this Monday was full and I enjoyed it completely!! I hope to have more days like this ahead of me!! I enjoyed be with friends, enjoyed getting my gift and My son made me VERY proud!! And that is it for me!!

Still hoping to get a phone call soon...Keep those prayers going!!! They all seem to be working...NO shots fired in 14 days!!! Yayy!! Maybe I will hear from him soon...And you will be the first to know when I do!!

Have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. We DID have a fun time! I totally enjoyed my day with you two girls! I enjoyed lunch and happy that you loved your gift:) You bought some good stuff and it is fun looking for them in all of that stuff!

    Way to go Bradley! He is such a fine fella and I am so proud of him!

    Love you Sis and have a blessed day!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your day...look at that Ganky looking so cute playing that thing!!! Loved your gifts & that pretyy little table!!! Congratulations to Bradley!!!!! Enjoy your day, LYLAS!!!

  3. You and me both! Loved opening my box. It was extreme F-U-N!! Theresa is a treasure of a friend and such a gift for a sis, I am sure. Oh your day looked busy and satisfying. friends and family. What better??? Happy you found some neat stuff! Bet it was exciting. Theresa looks like she was just having fun entertaining you two! :-) I posted about my goodie box too.
    Yes, the reports coming out of Afghan. sound very very positive. I too, am hoping for a call. I have connected with a mom whose son was in the 1/6 but he got promoted in the last 3 months (Sgt Maj)...and only one allowed per unit, so he was transferred to the 1/2!! He is now with Justin's group and just left Sunday to follow after the boys. So I now have another connection. Thrilled.
    You take care and Have a great day, Cindy Lou!!!
    Aren't we lucky???? :-) HUGS