Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome S P R I N G !!!!

Good Bye Winter and Hello Spring!!! I am so happy...I know that we still may have some cool weather but I am SO happy that Spring is here!!
I love easter and every thing about it Spring!! Look and this precious little bunny and the blooming flowers!! Who wouldn't love it?

We worked in our yard all afternoon yesterday and well we will be back at it today!! We have a lot of mud that we are having to deal with and so Jeff and the Twins are gonna be putting down some gravel today to help with this muddy mess!! I love these sunny days...I will be opening my windows and doing some spring cleaning today!! Just think...My Marine will be home in the lets work through this season and on to the next!! hehe!!

You all have a great day and enjoy this sunshine!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Yep Spring has sprung and I am happy too:) We are moving right along with this month and soon it will be April... May... June:) Have a fun day with the nice weather! Love you, Sis!

  2. You are inspiring me. Loved your bunny. SO cute. As I type I see the sun rising out my window. Gonna be a nice day here too. Have a great weekend, Cindy Lou. Praying for our honorable men...for God to place their footsteps carefully and surround them with warrior angels. Hugs.

  3. Cindy, before you know it, it will be April & then May & then JUNE!!!!! When Billy left I was looking at the days, weeks, months ahead and my heart was so heavy but now JUST LIKE BOOT I am looking back & saying wow where did all of that time go and "gee, I didn't get nearly half of what I wanted to get done accomplished"!!!! :) I'm going out today for new sheets and a duvet for Billy's room & then will work in the weeks to come to spruce it up for him!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO GO & DO A "BILLY" GROCERY SHOPPING!!!!! I love you my dear friend and we will make it through together :) Have fun in the yard & the sunshine, Blessing to all of you!!! LYLAS!!!!

  4. Springtime brings out the best in people. Everyone was SO nice yesterday with sunshine and all! I love springtime!!! Don't work too hard! Smell the flowers too... or plant some! That always brightens things up! Love you and wish you were here to help me plan dinners! ;D

  5. That bunny is soooo cute! I'm not personally looking forward to summer as it gets way too hot here, but I'll still be happy for you when it arrives. ;)