Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So this is how my days are for me lately!! Just not a lot going on!!
NO Wrestling, NO new news on Justin, NO Parties, NO Nothing!!!!
Just daily every day things and that is just about it!!
I need more excitement in my life so that I don't feel so

But today is different story!!! I have several things that I have to do!!

1. I have to go to school...they need a copy of some tax returns!

2. While I am at the school I have to pick up my books!!

3. I was chosen by the Georgia Education Department to do a study so I have to schedule another test! Something about my age and grades!! Either I am real dumb and they want to check me out or I am smarter than the normal 40 year old!! Who knows...

4. Then my Dear Friend at church, Joan wants to go to lunch with me and my sisters....not sure how many will show up but she wanted to take us out to Celebrate Justin's Safety!! She has been a real prayer warrior with me this entire time!! Her family will forever hold a VERY special place in my heart!!

SO Today my dear blogging buddies I will have some REAL excitement!! I will have pictures and everything!!

You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Cute, made me giggle! I WANT to go to lunch but just have to see. Anna was sick yesterday and not sure what is going on this morning. Love you and will talk to you later!

  2. Cindy Lou,
    You are Funny! I love your humor about life's everyday Stuff! That's a valuable asset in your family I know. And did I say Kudos and Rah for going to school. You are inspiration.
    I want to thank you for including Justin in your prayers covering military persons at your church. Thank your church people for me!!!!
    Justin Simmons, honorable Lance Corporal will be blanketed in prayer this Saturday at my Military Mom's prayer meeting. He is ON THE LIST with the 1/6...too. I prayed for him just this morning. We are expecting snow here in Charlotte again....bleh! I'm still holding out that it will only be rain. COME SPRING!!!
    Have a fun lunch. How awesome!!!

  3. You made me laugh.....THANK YOU!!!!! Laughter is what we all need right about now...I;m ready for the sun on my face and sand between my toes!!!! Hope you had a good time at your lunch!! Have a great night, LYLAS!!!!

  4. I think it is that you are smarter than the average 40 year old! Go with that one! Hope you had a great lunch. I am late commenting! :)