Thursday, March 4, 2010

Having Sundae on Wednesday!

To begin with, Alex had asked me the other day for a cake of her very own! I could not find my little cake pans so I found these!!
Sundae cupcakes in individual containers!!
She loved it!!

But, this is the chocolate eater and well....She did NOT like it!! She likes cookies and regular pieces of chocolate!! She didn't even like this one little bit!!

Well that is about it for me...I gave the girls a Sundae on Wednesday and now it is Thursday!!

I better quit while I am ahead...getting confused!! HAHA!!

Have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Looks good to me:) Avery comes straight into my house and heads for the candy dish! She does love chocolate. I love it too, but I also love me some sweet dry cereal. Like Honey Smacks (which used to be called Sugar Smacks) Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes! Yummy! It is a good little sweet snack for me to satisfy a craving. Hope you have a wonderful day and perhaps our Marine will call again. It looks like Marjah is beginning to look like a city again. I hope he will get a warm place to sleep and some goodies from home:) Love you!

  2. Well, Avery ate her Hershey Kisses while Austin ate the Sundae! He loved it! Avery is funny. She just likes solid chocolate! Me too! Of course, I like it with peanut butter in it....and mint....and cookies....and get the picture! Love you and have a great day!

  3. Praying for Justin and the 1/6!!! rah.

  4. So cute...they just melt my heart everytime I see their little faces smiling back at me!!! Thinking about you and praying for Justin and the 1/ and hugs to you!!! LYLAS!!!