Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Nice Man!!

This week is just moving right along!
I am ready for the weekend...not a lot going on!! I want to REST!!
But on with my blog...
With Yesterday being Wednesday I went to mail my packages and well of course there is always a line. I got up to the counter and was talking to the guy he was telling me how I really know how to pack those flat rate boxes and get my money worth!! And then out of no where this man walked up behind me and said...
"Iraq or Afghanistan?"
I responded..."Afghanistan"
Little man said: "LCPL...Must be Marine?"
I said: "Yes son!"
Little man said: "My son was in the Marines"
And he went back and got in line!!
so I went on with my packages and making sure that everything was right and went on to pay and the out of no where again the same Little Man walked up and paid for my packages to be shipped!!!
I was just floored!! I have been mailing packages for 4 months and NEVER has that happened!! I Thanked him and "Told him God Bless you!!!"
And I know God will Bless him for that!! He was just One Nice Man!!!
You all have a wonderful day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. As the pillow says "Angels are Everywhere"! I pray that little man get a real big blessing for being so kind:) That was a really nice thing to do! Love you Sis and Justin is really gonna get some good stuff with both of our packages arriving on the same day!

  2. What a NICE MAN! I am amazed at the generosity of some people. He will truly be blessed for that deed. I agree! I am sure that just made your day. Love you and have a great one!

  3. ohh Cindy Lou. I know it was as much a blessing for him as it was for you and will be for Justin.
    Makes me tear up. Whenever we were travelling over the last year or Justin would just be out somewhere, people would honk their horn and roll down their window and call him over and say something...people at the gym would come and ask him what branch...(those high and tights just give them away, ya know) and especially Senior men in restaurants or elsewhere would beckon him over and give him advice and salute him..Just fills your heart up til you bout cry. Those veterans especially are empathetic and understand.
    Thanks for sharing such a great post. I am on the mend from a virus....grrrrrrr. Hugs and Sunshine.

  4. Ahhhh, so I just read Julies Blog & saw a picture of her justin in his BLues and cried and now you with your little Angel, it really warms a heart, when I have my "My Son Is A Marine" sweatshirt on people old and young always stop me and say thank your son for me & thank you for giving the world such a wonderful young lady grabbed me in the market and pressed a Kennedy 1/2 dollar into my had for good luck, one more thing for me to caryy around in my pocket...and if I foget to put it in my pocket with my Rosary Beads I run back up to grab it :) Angels are all around us...God Bless that little man & bless our boys! LYLAS!!!!! Have a great night!