Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bless Me....

That is what I seem to being alot of these days! And from what I understand it is only the beginning!! I have to watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and constant sneezing!! I can take some medicine for my allergies and get some relief!! I love Spring time and the beautiful weather so....NOT complaining!!!
So Yesterday, I went to the school and had my Orientation!!!!
Everything that they discussed I already knew and had done! I got my ID made and my parking permit and I have to go and get my computer set up at the computer lab Friday and then I will be all ready to start on MONDAY!!! Thanks for all the encouraging words and I know that this is gonna be the best thing that I could do for my future!!
Then after everyone got home I needed to go and get Bradley some pants to wear Sunday! He has grown so much and has NO pants that fit him!! We had looked in the Kids department and thought that he may be able to wear like an 18 or 2o but NO....we had to go to the MENS department!! He had to get a 30/30!!! I can't believe that just a year ago he was wearing a 14/16 in boys...He has grown up so much in the past year!!! SO now we have everything for the weekend except for what I am gonna cook!! We will have our family Easter Egg hunt Sunday and my sister Barbara house and I can't wait to watch the little ones hunt!! I miss my babies being small and hunting eggs!! :(
Well, I know...NO PICTURES!!
Sorry...You all have a wonderful day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Phone calls are starting to come in for Justins Company so maybe I will get one soon!! :)
Keep praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Well, you are almost ready, aren't you!? I certainly wish you the best! You know that. You are doing the BEST thing for you and your family. You should be so proud for taking the step. Hope Justin calls soon! Love you!

  2. Oh the pollen does make us pay for this gorgeous weather! I am happy that you had a good day and today will be even better:) I gotta do some shopping and am running out of time:) Yikes! Love you and I have all of your dishes clean and ready. I'll get them to you today!

  3. Wow..I am cheering for you. You are an awesome woman. Kudos to you with your schooling. You make us all feel good...watching a mom do all she has to do for home and family, AND....GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! OooRAH! You GO!
    Hope your allergies will calm down with some help. Hope you hear from your Marine! Me too!!! :-( Have a GREAT DAY. Hugs.

  4. know it sister!!! Every day, gotta keep our boys protected with the power of prayer :) Glad school went well, you're going to do GREAT!! I just know Justin will be callin ghis favorite momma!! Bradley is just sprouting up like a weed! Can't wait to see pictures of the little ones hunting for their eggs! Go take soem allergy medicine & get some rest! Hugs to all of you & oh yeah...LYLAS!!!!!!!!