Monday, November 21, 2011

I have only one judge!!

Please keep my family in your prayers!!!!

Justin is good...missing him for the holidays!! I am gonna be a Grandma and I am excepting that...totally unexpected but everything will be fine!!! Just whisper my name when you pray...god knows all about it!!!!!


  1. I am praying and it will all be OK:) We will be there for them and they will reward us with a little one to love! I love you!

  2. Saying a prayer for everyone. Remember God is in charge and there are no mistakes..we just don't always know the plan.

    Wishing everyone the exciting, a new little person to love!

    Wendy in Washington

  3. Cindy Lou. Of course I will whisper your name in my prayers. :-) and God is knitting together a little CHERUB that will be covered with the love of a VERY doting Grandmama and extended family... whatever the beginning circumstances of it's precious little life.
    Praying for God to work ALL things for GOOD! He is the Master and Commander of those types of amazing endings! I read a quote yesterday that touched me so personally. I share it with you. "There are three stages in the work of God: Impossible...Difficult...DONE!" (James Hudson Taylor) RAH! He is always working...and Prayer is the channel for miracles, yes? Hugs and hugs to you dear bloggy sis...Marine Mom sis, and eternal sis. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Oh....I know how you are feeling. Been there. Every baby is a blessing from God! He has a plan and He DOES work all things together for good and He will get the praise! Remember we are all here for you all and love your whole family!!!! xoxo Call me any time.

  5. Always praying for Justin and his family. You are just as beautiful as can be! I love Ganky. She is my buddy. I would love to visit with you two one of these days. God knows what he is doing! We have to keep trusting him. Babies are such a blessing. I care what God thinks and I try not to worry about others. We all carry our own load so smile! You are gonna be a cool grammie! Blessings Anne