Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another one for our prayer list!!

Okay blogger friends...prayers are needed!! This is Justin and his best friend Josh!! He was there for Justin when he was deployed and now its Justin's turn to be there for him!! That's right...another one gone to that big ole sand box!! He will be gone for probably 7 or so months and we have to pray him home to safety!!! He has a wife and she is heart broken!! I am so thankful that Justin didn't have a wife here to worry about while being over there!!!

We are praying for Josh Mullins and his wife Ashleigh!!!!
I only have little over 5 weeks and Justin will be completely done and be home with me!!! I can't believe that this time has finally come around!! The roller coaster ride with the USMC is just about over and all my countdowns too!! I have counted down to the day he left, while he was in boot camp, SOI, all the training, 2 deployments and now counting down until he is HOME!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and stay safe Josh!!!!


  1. I am praying for this sweet young Marine and Ashleigh! It is a mighty scary place these days and I pray that he returns safely!

    Justin, we are ready to have you back with us FULL TIME:) Love you all! SIS

  2. Josh is officially on my prayer list. (and his wife Ashleigh) We in Iowa are PRAYING>>>>>> God keep them. {hugs} xoxo