Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let me just tell you!!!

Well I will start out with this...I have been so sick!! I caught a tummy bug some where and boy did it get a hold of me!!! UGH!!! I have been so sick...but better now!! I am weak and so sore from being so sick! I hope no one here catches it...I have been spraying and cleaning as much as I can so that they don't!!

And then let me tell you....I have had my gut full of the white stuff this year...And we woke up to it again today!! Not a lot and not on the roads just on the grass and trees...THANK GOD!!

I am so ready for the spring and summer time!! I don't think it can get here quick enough!! I wounder if I go buy some flip flops and shorts if it will speed it up any at all! I know that the stores have it I may try it and see!!!
I hope that you are doing well!! My Marine will be floating back in this weekend because...His little brother Bradley went home with him this past weekend and they are coming home...Plus I have the Valentines Banquet this weekend at church!! And if you all remember I was sick this time last year with the same thing...CRAZY!!! But I am better and will be making the sauce tomorrow and this banquet will be as perfect as it always is!!!


  1. OH!!!! Feel Better Cindy...I has been rampant here...and working with kids and hearing one on them say I phrewed up last night in bed, while they are sitting there on my lap.....SHRIEK!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE????? lol...thanking God I have not gotten sick this season. Good to see a post here. :-)

  2. That picture of that girl throwing up made me laugh! Sorry you've been sick; ugh! At least it gives you an excuse to do nothing.
    Love you and feel better soon!!!

  3. I am so sorry you and Alex were sick! I hope you are feeling soooo much better! HUGs from my easy chair:)

  4. I'm sorry you were sick, I saw that on fb :/ not fun!!! Glad to hear that Justin will be home ~ YAY YAY YAY!!! Glad you're better so that you can enjoy your Banquet this weekend! Enjoy & much love to all!!!

  5. Flu is a bad thing. Try to avoid it from now on, ok? ;D Glad you are improving!!! Have a fun Valentines Banquet. Wish I was coming! Take care! xoxo

  6. Just dropped by to say I love you and I am glad you are feeling better!