Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whats been going on?

I have had a lot of stuff going on. As you know I am in school full time and also working 32 hours a week. So my schedule is pretty full.
I had the girls over this past weekend and we had so much fun! It was Jeff's birthday and we had a small gathering and just had a blast!

We took the girls to Dairy Queen Sunday after Church and we had an ice cream and lots of laughing!!
Aren't they precious!!!

And we all know that last year we bought a cow and Bradley showed him in several cow shows but it came time to have him slaughtered and that is what we did!!!
These burgers were YUMMY!!!!
I have a roast on for dinner tonight...I have plenty of meat...over 450 pounds!! We won't have to buy meat for a long time!!

That is about it for us...I have been taking test and doing homework and just been busy!! I hope all is going well for each of you!
This will be a busy weekend...Bradley's girlfriend and family is coming in for a visit!!!
Enjoy your day....HUGS, LOVE AND PRAYERS TO YOU ALL!!!


  1. As a matter of fact... they ARE precious! I can smell those roasts from your house and Tracy's! YUMMY, YUMMY! Enjoy your day!

    Love you bunches, SIS

  2. I love your background! I wish we had that much meat in the freezer. Joel goes hunting every year... they love venison and stock their freezer. I'm glad you got to spend time with the girls and relax! Hope the rest of the week rocks! xoxo

  3. Oh no Mcgraw (? spelling) poor little fella, glad he was tasty! I read that Bradley's gf & family were coming for a visit! Enjoy!