Monday, February 28, 2011

Lots of stuff

Justin came home this weekend and wanted to spend some time with us because he will now start his training to get ready to go back to that big old sandbox that I hate so much!! I think we may go up there in the next couple of weeks to get some of his stuff so that when that time comes it is not so much to do!! He will be leaving for AP Hill soon and then to 29 Palms so it will be a while before he gets to come home again!! :( My heart breaks and yes I cried when he left yesterday...I know we made it through one deployment but the thoughts of another one just breaks my heart!!

We had our company to come in from Kentucky and we had a lot of fun!! This is the parents of Bradley's girlfriend and we have became really good friends!! They are really special people!!
(Charles, Teresa, Me(needing to go on a diet seriously) and Jeff)

Then here are my three plus Tiffany! Never can I just get a picture of them...they always got to be playing!!!

Bradley and Tiffany!!


So this was a busy weekend but a good one!! My oldest sister moved and due to all I had going on I was not able to help! :( I know she is so happy to be in her new house that she doesn't have to worry about flooding anymore!! I am so happy for her!

I hope that all is well with each of you!!



  1. I sure hate that I missed seeing Justin:( I tried to do it all but just couldn't make it! Love the pictures! Hope you can rest up a bit from the weekend! Love you bunches, SIS!

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh I tell you, you have the most beautiful kids girl. Love each one of those faces. I am already gearing up prayers for that Justin. I too, dread seeing him go back to the horrific sandbox. It just isn't fare. When will this fighting end?

    Bradley sure looks sweet with his Tiffany girl. Do you remember that young love?

    I loved seeing the photo of you and DH with Tiffany's parents. What a beautiful share. You are so pretty Cindy sweetie. I have been on a diet since this past September and dropped 62 pounds. It has been very hard. You email me and we will talk. I promise you are never hungry and no surgery either. Just eating healthy.

    Well sweet girl. Have a glorious Monday. Hope you are well. We are fighting a case of pneumonia in our house, so I am trying to stay in the bedroom away from the germs. I do not need it again.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. I love you Cindylou-Who!!! You know that I am here for you :)

    I love your hair, you cut it! Looks so pretty! Glad you had fun with your company! Talk to you soon, thanks for the text! Love ya lots!!

  4. Cindy Lou...HEY! CAtching up this week..Oh how hard it is to be a MM. WE all know the heart movements as they bounce and pounce all OVER the place inside our chests even as our Marines are marching all over the place.... And yet it is what they are ...It is what they do...It is the Marine Corps....Thanks so much for your text ....yes...things are shaking up again out at CL..... can't say yet, but will as soon as I can. Thanks for your Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!! **(What I thought would be a long day in going to retrieve a is on a brief delay...) Semper Gumby...yes?