Saturday, March 26, 2011

She went to Prom!!!

I can remember back 15 1/2 years ago, this beautiful little baby was born! My great-niece Autumn Leigh Parrish!!! She was so precious then and still is today!! I enjoy being around her so much and love her wonderful spirit that she has!! She really reminds me of my Bradley!!
Yesterday, she went to prom with her boyfriend Justin and she was absolutely beautiful!! She looked like a princess!!!

I love her hair, her dress, heck I love her!!!

I was with her when she was getting dressed and well I got to paint her toe nails!!! Every little thing counts!! :)
Not much going on here for me but life is fixing to get really busy! Easter is coming up, graduation, Birthdays and sadly to say...DEPLOYMENT!!! I know, I hate to hear that word and you all hate hearing it. But it is true and I do not like it but we have a count down going and he will be home with me to live in 467 days!!! :D
You all have a great day and remember:
Prayers work
Family is important
Friends are special
Hugs and Love to you all!!!


  1. She is precious, toes and all:) I enjoyed being a part of that whole process! This 'ole Ganky was busy from the time I got up until my head hit the pillow!

    We have lots of wonderful things going on now and coming up! AND some not so wonderful...yes, deployment again:( BUT, it keeps us on our knees and on my knees is where I will be! When he leaves, while he is gone and when he returns home safely!

    Love you bunches, taking a short break and back to th ballfield!

  2. She is beautiful! Lauren loves her hair... it is so curly and puffy and soft. Thanks for sharing those pictures! I love you!!!! Praying for you and your family!!!