Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have a confession...during the past year I have REALLY gained the weight and I know that "Deployment" is in the near future and lord knows I can't gain more!! So last week Tracy and I went and joined Weight Watchers!! Yes I have way more to loose that her but she is such a great support to me!!

I went in this morning for my weigh in and what????

I LOST 5.4

All I can do is work toward loosing again next week!! I am so excited!!

Just wanted to share with you!!!

Have a great day and when you all say your prayers mention my son Justin!! He is on his way to do some training!!

Remember: Keep Praying "IT WORKS!!"


  1. I am soooooooo PROUD of you for going and losing that 5.4! I know how hard it is but the new Points Plus is much better, healthier too it seems! I am tagging along so that I can fit into my hula skirt:) I am having chicken breast, squash and green beans for dinner! Sad thing is that Marc CAN'T lose another pound... he has to eat more!

    Love you bunches and you know I am praying for our Handsome Justin!

  2. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! Isn't the program easy to follow! I'm doing it too, so much food & the fruit is FREE WHAT YUMMY!!!!!

    Try making the slow cooker lasagna, very yummy & the oatmeal cookies YUMMY TOO (both are in the book that we got at the first meeting!!!!)

    Good luck, Love you!!!!

  3. Good for you, Cynthia. I pray you continue to do well, and I'm praying for Justin :o)

  4. Totally proud of you and totally thinking about joining too! Keep up the great work and keep me posted! You might encourage me to get my butt going! xoxo