Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just hanging out!!

I have been fighting a scratchy throat and a cough but I think I have it just about knocked out!! It rained here just about all week, but this weekend is looking beautiful!! I got up and went to the grocery store and looking for Britani and Easter Dress!! Found one but it had a stain on it! :(

I did hear from Justin again today! He out doing some training and I am so glad to hear from him each time he gets a chance to call or text!! The other two guys around here got up and decided they wanted to go fishing!! And they actually caught some...fresh fish to go in the freezer with our fresh beef!!

I have chicken in the oven baking and some sweet potatoes too!!! YUMMY!! I seem to do a lot better with my diet if I eat at home so at home is where I will eat!! I have to weight in on Wednesday and I hope to loose some more!! :)

I hope that you are enjoying your Saturday and remember: Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Well, I went to the grocery store today too:) No fishing for me, but fish sounds good! I am so happy that you are hearing from Justin and each time he calls is precious to all of us! Hope your scratchy throat goes away, it is pollen in the air that is causing all of the yuckiness!

    Love you bunches, see you in the morning at the CHURCH HOUSE:) I missed it last week! HUGS!

  2. There is nothing better than talking with your kids.... my son came to visit yesterday. It was awesome! I know how close you and Justin are! Praying for him... and, of course, you! xoxo

  3. Keep getting better!! and RAH for hearing from your Marine! I know how much that lifts the heart up til it is almost picking you up off the ground and you are feeling like you are floating the rest of the day...I miss that...GOOD LUCK with your weight loss efforts...RAH...I am working hard too...Jonny says the slower it comes off the BETTER it is for you, and the higher the rate that it will NOT come back on. So I am not rushing it. He says a pound a week is excellent! So slow and steady I am plodding on... :-) hugs!