Sunday, November 7, 2010

My weekend...

To start off with Jeff and Bradley went to Kentucky for a trip this weekend...Bradley has a friend (GIRL) that lives there and she turned 16 and he wanted to go...she came to Georgia for his birthday so Jeff took him! Britani had her SAT test Saturday and well I had two little visitors...ALEX AND AVERY!! They are such a pleasure to have around and they just know they have a special place in my heart forever!!!I love to hug them and kiss them and let them know that I am their favorite AUNT!!! hehe!!!

It is very COOL here and well when it gets cool I get really cold!! I have an old sock that I have rice in and I heat it up in the microwave an keep my feet warm at night and then I have a heating pad that i will be pulling out to keep me warmer during the day...I AM VERY COLD NATURED! And I can tell you if my feet get cold it is over...I just am cold all over then!! I like the cooler weather but it makes me not like to get out much!!
I have got a lot of things done to start getting ready to decorate for Christmas...I think instead of buying a lot of gift I may do a little more entertaining this year...being together is what I have learned this past year is REALLY what is important!!! Thanks to the USMC!!!
So that is about it for me...I got the girls some grits cooked and me some coffee made and we are heading to a birthday party later for my great-niece Jada's 4th birthday!!! Family...NOTHING BETTER!!
You all enjoy your day!


  1. What sweet guests you have, they sure love you!!!! I am with you on less gifts:). That certainly isn't what it is about. I hope Bradley enjoyed his visit. Love you bunches, Sis

  2. What a cute pic! I love them in their Pajamas! Glad you got to visit with them! Love you and see you soon!

  3. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    Sounds like everyone over there is having a great time. Bradley is on his trip with his friend. Then you have sweet Britani taking her SAT, I am sure she did outstanding. (I mean look at her sweet Momma.) And you had Theresa's sweet gals stay over? (I love seeing photos of those two cuties. They are doll babies.)

    Now see if you lived here in the desert you would never be cold. I very seldom feel cold here. I have never owned a coat since moving here, and usually get by with a sweater during the Winter. So what cha waiting for?

    Another high 80's day today. Just beautiful and no wind. I am cleaning and have grocery shopping to do today.

    Have a beautiful time at the birthday. You all are always partying. One of these days I am going to have to join you all as well.

    Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  4. Children just make a home happier! I am glad you got to spend time with the girls. I am sure you've been missing them! When my knees get cold I am in some trouble. (or my butt... shhhh) Funny how it works with different people. Some people it is their hands. I pray you have a wonderful week! Next week is your birthday week!!!! xoxox

  5. Cindy Lou,
    sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with loved ones. what a blessing. I know you just get your fill of warm fuzzies and love and hugs when you have your house full. AND I just know they get their fill of AWESOME food.

    I am WITH YOU!! When my feet are cold, it IS OVER truly. I can't sleep at all. When my hands and feet are cold, I am a miserable creature...If I end up in Iowa in very very cold winters, I am going to have some serious wardrobe additions for my little hands and big feet.!!! lol... As for Christmas..."true true" (as my Justin always comments) ~ moments are as meaningful, if not MORE, than the gifts.
    time spent together is priceless.. we know this especially as Military moms...don't we??
    Hugs to you on this cold day (but sunny here!)

  6. Sounds like you had a good weekend!! Loved seeing those two smiling faces :) :) hope Britani aced the SATs ~ said a prayer for her!! Gotta get you some sock warmers, hehe!! Don't like cold feet or cold hands! Stay warm, we had snow this morning ~ YUCK!! Have a great night! Love Ya!!