Saturday, November 27, 2010

A wonderful Thanksgiving!!

This was a wonderful Thanksgiving and I have enjoyed being with everyone so much! I got a little stressed out at one point on Thanksgiving...the boys like to push my nerve buttons and then Bradley lost the stone out of his class ring and well to just be honest...I got stressed and had me just a good ole cry!! I have a lot that has been going on and now I am getting things ready for Christmas and I am not gonna wait until the last minute to do my shopping...I want it done and have as little stress as I can!! With so much at school I don't seem to handle stress as well!!
But anyways!!! The tree is up here and the mantle is decorated and my guys are gonna put up the outdoor lights today!!! I love Christmas and I love the decorations!!!

Today I am going to a birthday party for my great niece and then home to spend with the family!! We have lots of time together this weekend and so far I have only had the one melt down!!
You all enjoy your day!!
Love, Hugs and Prayer to each of you!


  1. It was a great Thanksgiving and you really have done a lot preparing for Christmas! Aren't you happy you put your tree up early... that was SMART! Wish I had mine up! Enjoy your day with all of your family! Love you bunches! Sis!

  2. Awww, I'm glad you had a good day! Tell those two to stop pushing those buttons or else you'll gibe them a good old fashioned whooping :)! Saw your shopping pics on FB, looks like you had a good time! Glad you enjoyed your day! Get some rest, love ya!!

  3. We all need a good meltdown. I held up even though I got upset once or twice. Glad your whole family was there.. even the button pushers! lol! Love you, friend! Make a plan so you don't stress out. That is what I need to do.

  4. Cindy Lou,

    Love you Marine Mom Sis! Thanks so much for your wonderful and warm and fuzzy, loving and comforting comment. You are a treasure. Have a beautiful day!! {{{hugs}}}} xo