Thursday, December 2, 2010

These Days!!

I have been busy getting school work done and I only have about 2 weeks left in this quarter and I am so happy to be done with the computer classes!!
We have been getting ready for Christmas around here and so Britani and I wanted to see if we could get some pictures of the poochies in front of the Christmas tree and so here is Wally! We have had Wally about 7 years and he is just one of the family! He is just a little mutt but my kids LOVE him!!

Here is Britani's little dog...Dixie!! She is a rounder...but loves Britani so much and Britani loves her!!

During the Thanksgiving holidays I got me a new Laptop!! Lord knows I needed one...My other one is just about ready for Laptop heaven!! I love my new one, I just wish it had the Microsoft 2007 on here but I only have a couple of more weeks of school and I will use my old one to finish out my school work!!
I have not only been busy with school but doing some extra cleaning...I have company coming in this weekend! I know that you all have heard me talk about the girl Bradley likes that lives in Kentucky! Well they are coming in for a visit this weekend! Just so that Bradley and Tiffany can exchange Christmas gifts!!!

So that is about it for me!! I have some school work I may go to the school and do but other than that...CLEANING!!! Ok, well you all have a good day!!


  1. Cindy,
    You are SOOO way ahead of me. The blue tree is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. Blue is one of my favorite colors, and you know I love the furbabies!!! Can't imagine life without them.
    RAH for being close to finishing the courses.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!!! I know if there is any bloggy sis who can and WILL get everything done on her list, no matter what...IT IS YOU! Hugs... Ice and frost outside today here in Charlotte!!!

  2. Sweet puppy photos in front of the tree! It is a gorgeous tree and the puppies are precious!

    I know Bradley is excited to see his Sweetie! They are both too cute together!

    Hope you get all of your work done! I have plenty around here to keep me out of trouble:) Love you! SIS

  3. I love the dogs in front of the tree! They are so cute! Just want to put them on my lap and pet them! What treat were you bribing them with? That's the only way I would get Toby to sit like that! Have a great Thursday! xoxo

  4. I love the poochie pics! It was probably a chore getting them to pose. Bradley and the gor are too cute! Have a great evening.

  5. Oh so cute, Wally is just a handsome little guy isn't he & well miss Dixie is a beauty :)! your tree looks pretty, I so want a laptop, it might be a gift to me after Christmas! Hope you have a great day, have fun with your guests! Love ya bunches!