Monday, December 20, 2010

The weekend at a glance!

My pictures posted backwards and I am not gonna worry about it!
We have had a very busy weekend but it was wonderful!!

These two little girls came and spent the night with me Saturday and stayed with me at church on Sunday for our Christmas program! They are so special to me and I love them so much!! I am so glad that Tracy and Derek share their family with me!! :)

Alex (on the Left) never cares a lot about sitting with Santa but she just jumped right in his lap and talked to him!!! I was so happy!!

This is a group of the kids that I worked with singing at the program last night!

And here is another picture of Alex and Avery!! So precious!

But Saturday night after we got the girls we went to the store and got some fun stuff to do!! They wanted to bake these cookies so that is what we did!

Alex wanted to do the Christmas tree cookies!

And Avery did the Reindeer cookies!! Both were YUMMY!!

We made the snowmen...They were sticky but so much fun!

And they made these fruity pebble Christmas tree snacks!! They ate some of each thing we made and this was there favorite!

We had Christmas with Jeff's family Saturday morning!! I have a busy week this week...can't believe Christmas is almost here!! :) My kids are so excited! Justin will be here tomorrow and we will get to spend so much time together this year!! I have gone and bought groceries and hopefully it will be enough...$200.00 worth! Maybe it will but I am not so sure!!
You all enjoy your day!!
Hugs, Love, and Prayers to each of you!


  1. What a sweet post! I know they had a great time with you and your family! They sure enjoyed the Program last night and Santa! Love the picture of them with the chair and tree:) Good job SIS! Love you bunches, enjoy your day!!!

  2. What "sweet" pictures, Lou! I am so glad they got to come and make treats. They had a great time. Thanks for letting them be a part of your weekend. Love you very much! Can not wait til you get your boy home! :)

  3. Cindy Lou,

    Have a Merry Merry Christmas with your man and that honorable Marine and your sweet twins. Hope you all have a wonderful week. I KNOW you are gonna have awesome food. Yesterday I had baked a ham, and baked potatoes and green beans and baby carrots and yeast rolls and cranberry sauce with pecan pie for dessert. Justin was moaning like I was killing him. (hey~ he's the one who ate SO MUCH!!) But You and I know that they are loving it... :-) Hugs to you MMS and sweet GA bloggy sis. Thinking of all of you this week. Have fun and God's best blessings on you all!!!

  4. The way you are with those girls is awesome! Some day... way down the road... you will make a fabulous grandmama! Love you! xoxo

  5. Oh those snacks sure did look good, tell those little ones they did a great job! Great pictures from your Church Christmas program, the girls looked so pretty!

    Enjoy your time with Justin, hug & squeeze him for me!! Love you!