Friday, December 31, 2010

A toothache!

No not me...My husband! He has been dealing with a toothache and if i knew how to pull me I would! We have an appointment this morning to let someone look at it and hopefully pull it...Or I am gonna run away!! I know that it hurts and I know that it is about the most unbearable pain EVER so I am trying to have lost of patience!

So please pray that they will be able to pull it today and it not cost me an arm and a leg but if it does I will gladly give them both to get this toothache fixed!! :)

You all have a great day!!

Hugs, Love, and Prayers to each of you!!


  1. If you run away I'm going with you!!! My hubby has a sore back & leg...won't go to the doctors but is more than content to walk around complaining :? SO NOT WANTING TO LISTEN ANYMORE ~ LOL MENNNNNN!!!

    I've spent the entire vacation cleaning & cooking & doing laundry & then he pulls out more hunting gear and leaves it in a heap on my kitchen floor ~ Mr. P I'm getting ready to kick your BUTT!!!

    I hope that Jeff get's his tooth fixed, if not I'll drive down with some tools & we can take it out ourselves ~ HEHE!!

    Good luck sick men are never fun to be around, I may be going to the Days Inn for the weekend if they all dont' shape up :)

    Happy New Year my friend, Love you!!

  2. Oh poor Jeffro! I sure hope he gets some relief! That is terrible pain! He doesn't complain about much of anything, so I know it is hurting! Let me know if he gets something done to put him out of his misery!

    Love you, SIS!

  3. Oh Cindy Lou...What a way to end the year....Bless his heart. I am saying a prayer right now for that tooth to be be taken out and the source of pain relieved. toothaches and headaches and nerve pain in the backs...I have heard they are EPIC pains to tolerate.
    I am glad you got in to the dentist. Our dentist here only works a half day on Fridays anyway and with it being New Years eve...what a blessing to get him in!! I think they understand the pain of a patient's suffering.
    Bless your heart too! Yes, it can be hard sometimes to put up with the male's way of dealing with pain..."Bear up under it, be hard-core He-man and wait for it to go away"...when we females try to tell them it's not going to go away their way....and they need to go to the DOCTOR...roaring bears!!! NOT their way...
    Hugs to you...eventually they give in, yes?
    Bless you as you play the consoling wife. Praying for you too. Happy New Year my MMS!

  4. Poor thing! Hope he gets it fixed one way or another. Love you and Happy 2011!!