Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Here is my Tree!! I love it and I have enjoyed it so much!! I really hate to take it down but I will be putting it back up in July for Justin to have Christmas before he deploys again!

My kids gifts all out from santa!!

And the kids are up and seeing what they got!

The dogs are being curious...they got gifts too!

Justin opening gifts and he got new boots!

And a new knife!

The twins got all kinds of stuff too!! Britani got a TV and Bradley got a XBOX360!!
Every one was very happy!!

Then we moved over to Tracy's to enjoy Christmas with all of them!

Ganky opening a gift from me!!

Just opening a gift so not to tear the paper and gave it to Tracy to use again for him next year!! :)

I got the girls some people and animals...I have no idea what they are but they loved them and that is what matters!!
Well it is over and done...I enjoyed every moment of it!! I LOVED having my Marine home!! It was a perfect Christmas...and then it snowed!! Not too much but it did snow on Christmas!!
You all enjoy your day!
Hugs, Love, and Prayers to each of you!


  1. Great pictures Sis! It was such a fun Christmas! I am so happy we all enjoy our times together! The snow was soooo pretty! I hope you all enjoy your day inside where it is warm! I bet you cooked some good breakfast down there:) Love you, Sis!

  2. Oh and that picture of me... I love that little bag and can't wait to make the bread! Thanks!

  3. Oh Sweetie...
    Good Morning and Merry Christmas it was at your house. The kids were having the best time. I love seeing their faces.

    I was so shocked to hear that Justin is being deployed again in July. I had hoped we could avoid that. I know he was too. We will continue to pray sweet friend. A lot can happen in 7 months of prayer. We will be extra busy between now and then storming the heavens.

    Loved the photo of Theresa. You two are so stinkin cute. I love the both of you.

    Did Theresa say snow? Stay warm for sure. No snow here in the desert, thank goodness. I am not a snow gal at all. Love the warmth of the sun.

    Have a gorgeous day sweetie. No school for at least another week right? Many hugs to you and SO much love, Sherry

  4. Loved the phone call from you all!!!! I couldn't tell who was who but I felt the love and knew from the accents it was my group of ladies!!!
    Sounds like a wonderful time! Enjoy your week! Would love to talk again! xoxo

  5. Great pictures, so differernt form last year, such joy having Justin hom esafe & the twins are priceless! loved little Dixie trying to see what Briatny was opening!! Merry Christmas!