Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What have I started???

oh me oh my....Facebook now has what?

one of my most favorite things in the world to do!!

I love doing these things and I have started playing on facebook and well I have to make myself stop!! I have just a few more friends to beat and I will be at the # 1 spot!! I am already in the top 10!!!
Sorry Joyce!! :)
You all have a great day!!
Hugs, Love, and Prayers to each of you!!


  1. Not for long dear... I am done posting my blog and it is game on! Love you tons though! xoxo

  2. Oh honey, I play scrabble with my bestie in California and don't want to get hooked on ANYTHING ELSE:) Fortunately you don't have to work or go to school... so you can play as long as you wish! Love you bunches, SIS!

  3. Cindy Lou,

    These are such challenging mind games. And you LOVE them. NO WONDER you are such an awesome student. Your mind has to be as sharp as a tack. You are inspiring me, girl...I do love word find and crosswords too. Hugs to you and have fun. Don't get burnout...I can see you laying in a chair tonight moaning that your brain is SMOKIN' baby!!!!!!! LOL...Love ya, and HUGS!!!

  4. Ohh girl! You know I love that game! It has always been our fave since little ones! Call me when you get going. I had such a busy day yesterday. I will tell ya about it. Love you!!

  5. OH I LOVE WORD SEARCH!!!! I saw that you were playing that on FB :) I don't even want to get started because I won't stop!!!! Enjoy, have a great night & love to all of you!!