Sunday, December 12, 2010

Britani and I got up and watched a couple of Christmas movies while Jeff and Bradley had gone to a cow show...we did the girl thing!! :)
Then we got up and dressed and off to the grocery store we went!!
I got all my candy making stuff and then back home and made some CANDY!!
Britani was mixing up the oreos for the truffles!!
This is the White Trash and the Rocky Road...both so very yummy!!

Britani dipping the oreo truffles!!

My mama's buckeye candy!!!

And then the most famous...RED VELVET CAKE BALLS!!!

We did some of the more difficult ones today and then after all that I made Dumplins!! It is gonna be really cold here and nothing is better than a hot bowl of dumplins!! We have Britani's piano recital today and then she has her work Christmas party tonight!!
I have a final tomorrow that I am studying for in between other festivities!! Then another one on Tuesday and then I will be DONE!! Well until January!!
You all enjoy your day!

Hugs, Love and Prayers to each of you!!


  1. Oh you had the bestest helper for making your goodies:) It all looks delicious! I am not one to taste these treats... gotta watch my girlish figure, hehe! But I couldn't resist the rocky road while packing mine in ziploc bags! I ONLY ate ONE, but OMG DELICIOUS! Yummy treats to share with my friends! Love you bunches, gotta get my Church gear on! It's a cold one out there! SIS

  2. Oh Cindy Lou...You and Theresa wouldn't want to part with any of those secret Family traditional recipes would you????? They sound to die for... I am so glad you and your girl had a day together. Kat and I went and got our hair cut together again and she treated me to a Souper Salad lunch. It was SOOOO restful and I needed that. Love our girls don't we??????
    Hugs to you for a restful Sunday... xoxo

  3. Oh what a great day the twoof you had! Candy sure does look yummy!! Love Ya