Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just can't wait...

I just couldn't wait to tell you....I am a very proud Georgia Voter and I even got Justin to go and cast his vote!! Every vote does count and whether the ones you voted for won or not...we need to pray for our leaders!!

And then on to some other news....I am half way finished with this quarter and well I am so proud to say....I HAVE ALL A'S!!!! I am just gonna tell is NOT easy but I am doing all my school work and studying hard and well it is paying off!!

And now on the more good stuf...Justin was home this weekend and we discussed all the foods he wants for Thanksgiving!! We got his leave dates and can't wait to spend the holidays with him and watch him enjoy all the goodnes around him!! In this past year I have so much more to be thankful for than even I did last year!! I know that each day I am thankful...but to think about this past year and well I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!

Such a wonderful weekend I had with all my family together!! Jeff and Bradley will be leaving Friday to go to Kentucky to see a friend of Bradleys...A GIRL!!!! And Britani has her SAT test saturday and so it will be a girls weekend forsure!!

You all enjoy your day...HUGS, LOVE AND PRAYER TO YOU ALL!!


  1. OH my goodness, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Can't wait!

    GIRL, ALL A's.... YEEHAW, I am proud of you for all of your hard work and YES it is paying off!

    Jeffro and Bradley off to Kentucky, I know they will enjoy it! Love you bunches and have a MARVELOUS day!

  2. Good Morning Cindy Lou Sweetie...
    Girl CONGRATULATIONS... Oh I am SO proud of you. What a wonderful accomplishment. All A's. Can you hear me clapping and cheering silently? Oh I am making lots of noise out here in the desert, even the snakes are slithering away this morning.

    Oh I am thrilled over the top for you sweetie. Doesn't it feel great?

    I am so happy that Justin will be home for Thanksgiving. You will have such a great holiday this year, and especially with that BIG family around you.

    Yes, this year we have SO much to be thankful for. Even though my voice is not coming back, and what little I have left, is all there will ever be, I am okay with that. I have decided to move and be thankful. They finally gave me a diagnosis of "Spasmodic Dysphonia". It all came around from the pneumonia and all the coughing that I did for so many months. God has given me a new journey.

    I will remember Bradley in prayer on his journey to Kentucky. A safe journey over and back.

    Good luck to Ms Britani on her SAT test. She won't need it, she is whiz, she will breeze right on through it.

    Have a gorgeous Wednesday Ms "A". I am so proud of you. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. What a happy post! You make me smile! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Love ya! xoxo

  4. Life is good. Gearing up for Thanksgiving already! YOU DO run circles around me...mercy!
    Congrats Congrats Kudos and Cheers from this part of the country. You go Girl. Amazed at your accomplishments. OUTSTANDING!!!! rah for those A's!!!!!! You inspire me. Hugs to you today!

  5. YAY an AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! YAHOO! I am so proud of you Cindy! I know it's not always easy and you must get so tired but you are kicking butt at school!!!! Keep up the good work!!! Love Ya bunches!!!