Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun with the Girls!

I have been so into my school that I haven't seen much of anyone lately! I knew they were having Avery's Fall Festival yesterday and so I planned on attending! Alexis wanted to come and spend the day with me and so I went and got her early and she and I went off to the pre-school to visit with Avery!! I stopped and got Alexis a Dorothy costume and she was so darn cute in it and Avery was a Barbie Princess and I sure enjoyed seeing her and getting some real love from her!!

They went on a hayride!! And they LOVED it!!

They played pin the buttons on the scarecrow!!

Look at that precious!!

And this was one of my favorite photos...I caught a bubble in the corner and she was just trying to catch all the other bubbles!

So it was a wonderful day...Avery came back home with me and Alexis and spent the rest of the afternoon! Tracy came to pick up Avery and I got a good hug from Alex too!! It was a GOOD day!!
Justin got a few days leave...A friend of his died on Thursday from a heart attack! He was only 21..I just can't imagine loosing one of my children! I know people do it everyday!! But God knows my strength...he knows the ones that can handle that and he knows that I am not one that could handle that at all!!
You all enjoy your day....Hugs, Love and Prayers to you all!!


  1. It was a fun day and I am happy you got to share it with all of us, Alexis too:)

    Glad Justin is home again but sorry for the family of the young man who passed away!

    Enjoy your Saturday morning! Love you bunches! SIS

  2. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!!! Oh my that's what little girls are made of...and tiaras and ruffles and pigtails and sparkley red shoes...that's what little girls are made of. SOOO precious. I know you had a blast.
    So glad you get to see your Marine. 21?????Oh my gosh...sooo young and with a Heart Attack??
    Life is short...Love on them like there is no tomorrow. Hugs to you Cindy. Got my Justin again...too. came in LATE last night.

  3. I love that bubble picture too! The girls were adorable. At first I was confused (which doesn't take much!) when I saw the picture of Alexis... I thought you wrote Alex and said to myself "That's not Alex!" (Like you lost your mind). Then I read slower and got it. ;D Enjoy your weekend with your marine. Love you! xoxo Thanks for all your comments and the way you encourage me!

  4. Those pictures were great! Loved the bubble picture, I am glad that you got to have a day of fun & loving with those sweet little faces! Sorry to hear about Justin's friend, I'll say a prayer! Love Ya lots!!

  5. They both look absolutely adorable! I love the picture with the bubble in it.

    I'm sorry to hear about Justin's friend. That's so sad. :(

    Glad you had a great day!