Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love my son!!!!

This is an old picture but I love it just the same!!
He is so special to me and he is MY hero in so many ways!!
He got in about 9:30 last night and I of course had dinner cooked for him! He brought a friend with him and I got to hug 2 Marines and I get to feed them all weekend!! I love it!!
I do so enjoy making my family happy!!

HE WILL BE 21!!!!
Monday October 11th!!!!
We got him a new car stereo and he is installing it today!! Cooking out tonight for him and just enjoy our time together!!
You all have a great day!
Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!


  1. Enjoy him while he is home! He is precious! Love you all and miss you guys! Have a fun cookout and I wish I was there! SIS

  2. I can not wait to see him today! I am so excited. It will be good to see Nate, too. He is a nice fella. Enjoy your day and I will see ya later. My house sure is clean. Thanks!! Love you!

  3. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    Oh that Justin is SO darn handsome. Don't you just love that smile? And he is going to be 21? He has seen a lot for only going on 21 hasn't he?

    I am so glad he was able to come home and spend time with you, and how wonderful that he brought a friend to share his family with. Cindy that is just precious. You all have a wonderful cook out and enjoy these handsome fellas while they are there. I so adore this picture of the two of you, and I LOVE that shirt of yours. You wouldn't be a bit proud would you?

    Have you got those test questions finished yet? I have been thinking about you trying to get them done especially knowing that Justin was coming and the excitement of it all.

    Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. You are SO loved. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. Glad you are enjoying yout time with Justin. Please give him a birthday hug from me! Love Ya lots!!