Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He has a huge heart!!!

He being my Bradley...He is such a sweet fella and loves everyone!! He is very tender hearted when it comes to those he loves!! He is just a sweet sweet guy!! (even if he is mine!)
Last week he went to the doctor because he had a cold and ended up with strep throat and they also found out he has a heart murmur! Yeah no big deal...lots of people have those! So we went back to the doctor for an ultra sound!! And sure enough he does have the murmur and it is not just ONE leaky heart valve it is TWO!!! Doctor say no need to worry we will just keep an eye on it and he is young and strong and he will be just fine!!

As you all know there is always something going on for me and so this wasn't really any different except that it is about my babies heart...I still worry!!
My day yesterday was a much better day and I am loving my classes!! Going to the computer lab this morning to work on stuff and then class this afternoon!! I hope that each of you have a wonderful day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Well, that Bradley is ONE PRECIOUS fella and I love him so much! We will pray that the leaks stops leaking:) We know prayer works! Have a great day in your classes!

    Love you bunches! SIS

  2. You just need a peaceful month. That's what I thought I would pray for you. But then it would probably mean you being on your back in bed for a month. You would go crazy then. You are such a good mom. Love your blog!!!! xoxo

  3. oh...mamas always have something, don't they?
    It's a part of the profile of being a mama...
    I remember when Jonny was a baby, they caught a murmur, and everytime he cried, I thought I was having a heart attack that he would have a heart attack. The nurses and doctors said the same thing to me. Young hearts handle these things well....hmmm. That didn't help mama much!!! Hugs to you and have an outstanding day at school!!

  4. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    Oh you knew that Bradley was a precious soul, so it would only make sense that he would have a few extra special things about him. I will be sending up prayers for this sweet boy to be healed of these leaking valves and let him continue on with his busy life.

    Now I can't wait to see how lab goes today. How fun is that going to be. You just make the sweetest little student. I love it. Keep me posted on class. Have fun today. Play nice with the other Lab kids.

    Talk to you soon. Love ya sweetie, Sherry

  5. Oh Cindy, I have a murmur too! Most of the time it's not too loud but if I don't feel well or I get all nerved up & then go to the doctors it's pretty's always something & you have every right to worry, that's part of being a mom! I'll say a special prayer for that sweet fella & for you too! Hope school is going well for you & the twins! Have a great night! Love Ya so much!!

  6. That boy is one of the sweetest and kindest hearted people I know! I love him dearly. You have to know him to completely understand what kind of guy he truly is. He is just special! His big ole leaky heart just leaks out more love than most! He is SO STRONG and will be fine, I am sure! Love you and have a great day!