Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite...

Oh...I have recently signed up to receive a magazine in the mail...something I don't normally do but, Tracy has been getting this one for a while and I always enjoyed looking at it and well the Parrish children were selling magazines for school and so I ordered my own subscription!! I got it yesterday!!


With school and everything else going on I don't have alot of time but I really enjoyed sitting and looking at this magazine yesterday!! With me back in school our funds have been cut and so it had some really good money saving ideas...NEED THAT!!! I love the recipes that it has in it and well it is just my favorite!!
I am really ready to start my decorating for Christmas...My favorite time of the year!! It won't be a big Christmas around here this year but we will all be together!!! And to be honest...That is ALL that matters anyways!! My poor husband hates when I get ready to put up the tree cause I think that as soon as November gets here I should start putting it up...I love it and I like to be able to enjoy it more than a couple of weeks!! When do you all start decorating for Christmas?
Enjoy your day...Hugs, Love and Prayers to you all!!!


  1. I love that magazine too! Hope you have a great day! I plan to put my tree up right after Thanksgiving! It will be here before you know it! Love you bunches! SIS

  2. I have been getting that magazine since they created it! I love it. There are so many different things in it to enjoy! I have a new tree this year, so I can not wait to put it up! You know, I have always had to wait on some "muscles" to get my ginormous tree upstairs and assembled, so this year, I am at no one's mercy! Love you and hope you have a great day!

  3. If I have my way, we usually start decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving day after the big meal. I very much enjoy Christmas.

  4. I'll tell you one thing. The cover of that magazine would make ANYbody want to go out and sign on... YUM!
    Don't know when we will do our tree. Kurt will only be here 3 days for Thanksgiving and then flies back out that Sunday am...I'm not sure I want to spend time decorating while he is here with us, but it is always tradition to do it together....sigh! WE'll see...Hugs..have fun!

  5. OH, I am with you!!! LOVE DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I spent the day cleaning today :/ pooped! I will be putting out my dolls & the white lights on my fireplace the week after next so I say go on and decorate your little heart out! Love Ya so much!!!