Friday, October 8, 2010

Guess Who is coming home?

Oh yeah that is right...JUSTIN WEBB SIMMONS!!!
He is coming home for a few days and I just can't wait to see him!! It has been a while since he has been home and I miss him!!!

He will be traveling in with a buddy today I will have 2 Marines in my house this weekend!! Oh yeah, I will be doing some cooking!! :)
I only have about 30 more questions to answer on my test!! It has been a challenge, but I have just about got it done!! I hope that each of you have a wonderful day!!
Love, Hugs and Prayers from Georgia to each of you!!


  1. Happy Birthday Lance Corporal Justin!!!!
    Birthday wishes to a deserving Marine.
    Guess his name will no longer be on that little piece of Paper on the barracks room window now. (under 21)! Our Justin was in boot camp his birthday last year, and in Afghanistan his birthday this year...SO hoping to celebrate the real thing next year. We will make up for now on his 21 day leave this year .
    ;-) Have a great day. Happy Testing. Hugs.

  2. I am sad I won't get to see him. Give him a giant Ganky hug from me. Love you, Sis

  3. OH YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! I know you will be busy in the kitchen, I wish I was closer or had a magic wand, I'm come for some of those redhots that I know you'll be fixing! Enjoy, post some pictures ~ give him a Happy Birthday hug from me! Love Ya, now GO GET BUSY!!