Friday, October 1, 2010

He ask and I get it done!!

Well, I have not seen this sweet face in several weeks now!! I am glad that he has friends and is having fun and not traveling up and down the road so often, BUT....I MISS HIM!! I have friends going up to CLJ today and so they offered to take Justin a few things for me!! He wanted a coffee pot and peanut butter bars and a peanut butter cake!! So I got him a coffee pot and baked his goodies and got it all ready to go!!

He will be so happy!! He still loves all the stuff from home but just is such a long drive to get it! UGH!!! But he will be home next weekend...He has a birthday coming!! My baby will be 21 on October 11. !!! I told him yesterday he can't be 21...I am only 29!! :)
Everyone have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!


  1. Oh how sweet, I will miss seeing him next weekend but I'll leave him a gift and a hug:) Love you bunches and happy that he is having fun, but I miss him too:) Funny, I woke up with him on my mind this morning! Thinking about where he was and now he is home safe! I am so thankful!

    Love you! SIS

  2. For some reason I can leave a message on your blog but not Theresa's. You are such a good mom to your kids! Praying for your back! Mine was a bit sore yesterday while walking but I kept going. I wasn't home so I couldn't very well stop! lol! Have a great day and your comments and encouragement mean the world to me. They really do help. Love you!!!

  3. Aw, what a good momma...did mudher Leah take it down there for you? I sent her with a mission too, to find Billy & hug the stuffing out of him LOL!! He'll be home for the Columbus day 72 won't he?? You can get your fill up of Marine Hugs & loving!!! Have a great night, love ya!!