Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I am up to today!!

I am up and got me a big ole cup of coffee and and loving every sip of it!! I have ONE cup every morning and sometimes a Latte later in the day!! I Love my coffee and I enjoy having just my one cup...

while I sit and check out everything on the computer!! I find myself not getting on as much now that school is in and can I just tell you school is going really well!! I get on here and check out the blogs, face book and my email (personal and school)!!!

And today I will be doing a test that my teacher gave me to bring home and do! It is a total of 260 questions and not as easy as you would think with it being a bring home test! It is on 2 chapters and I will be working on that all day today!! Yayy!!

I love my life and yes it does have bumps and crashes in it but in the end...Everything is OK!!
My Marine will be coming home tomorrow for a few days!!! I can't wait, it seems like it has been for ever since I have seen him!! The USMC asked him to volunteer to go back for a year in Afghanistan and THANK GOD he gracefully declined!! He said he just couldn't do that to his family again!! But if they don't get enough to volunteer they may make him so...
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!
Enjoy your day!!


  1. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    What a sweet post this morning. Thank you for that BIG ole cup of coffee, it really hit the spot this morning. (My get up doesn't want to get up and go this morning.)

    I don't know about you, but did you ever think you would see a day that the teacher would send you home with a test? Not only one to take from home but, 260 questions? My word it will take all day to get this one done. I think you better put that coffee pot back on and have another cup of coffee this morning sweetie.

    Now listen, we are NOT going to accept them sending Justin back, so we are just going to start storming the heavens on this request. Justin has done his time, and he needs to stay state side. No more Afghanistan. He declined nicely and I think they need to find a solution to this war and bring our guys and gals back home. We want no more of this.

    I know my DH did his 4 years in Viet Nam and he too gracefully declined to go back. He loved being a Marine, but the war was not a fun place to be. We continue to pray sweet friend. Yes we do.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  2. OH my Cindy Lou...Hope you do well on your test!! (I know you will) Love my coffee too! Duncan is my favorite. Can't wait to have it every morning.
    I can't believe they would ask Marines to go back so soon. NOT a good thing. We know the stats of those who do LONG stays over there (Army) and don't get enough down time to recoup before they have to go back into the thick of it. They sometimes don't even know they need that time. It was wonderful to read that a part of his declining was that he wouldn't choose to do that to family again so soon....gracious indeed. Good man...
    Hugs to you girl. Have a good test day.

  3. The bumps in life make you appreciate the days without bumps... kinda like zits vs no zits:) I hate that I am gonna miss Justin but I'll see him the next time! I will give his gift to Tracy! Love you bunches, enjoy your day! SIS