Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank you Jesus!!

This is my Bradley and he always loves to make a goofy face for the camera!!! He is so silly and yet such a tough fella and then yet so tender hearted!! He is just MINE and I love him so much and well he has had an experience this weekend and I am just glad that he is ok and that to me is all that matters!! He has his first wreck yesterday!!! A church van pulled out in front of him and he tried to not hit them but he just couldn't help it!! He did not get a scratch on him...he is a little sore but for the most part...He is good!!
But can't say that for Jeffs truck...It is messed up!! But it is replaceable and my son isn't!! So therefore I thank Jesus!!!

The fall festival went well I have picture and will tell about it maybe tomorrow!! I wasn't in the mood for it but well It went good and so glad that it is over!!!

You all have a wonderful Sunday!!

Hugs, Love and Prayers to you all!!


  1. Trucks are tough! I am so happy he wasn't hurt, I know it probably scared him:( He is precious and yes he DOES like to make goofy faces for the camera... ALWAYS HAS!

    Love you bunches and can't wait to see pictures from the festival!

  2. Cindy Lou,

    I can feel your heartbeat when you heard this news....OFF the CHART!! SOOOOO Scary... I try and try not to be so dramatic when things like this happen but you are talking about our KIDS...WE ARE MAMAS!!!! Oh my, I am so sorry. I am sitting here thanking the Lord that Bradley is okay. Hope that Jeff's truck will be fixed up good as new soon soon! Hugs to you fellow mama...I am glad my Justin has gotten a truck, cause as Theresa says...They are TOUGH! Have a restful Sunday!!!!!! WE both got our Justins this weekend...RAH!

  3. Thank you God!!!! I am glad he is ok! Accidents are scary enough... but now he will probably be gun shy of traffic coming off side streets or out of driveways. I am still paranoid of tail gaters! Enjoy your Sunday with your family! xoxo

  4. Oh Cindy, I can feel you take that sharp breath in & asking please Lord let him be o.k. PLEASE! I am glad that sweet fella is o.k. I know that he must be upset that the truckis dinged up but it can be fixed!!!

    I hope that you had a good time at the festival, pictures please!!!???!!

    Love ya so much!!

  5. I know he was shaken to the core and you and Jeff too. It's so scary for sure. Glad your sweet boy was okay and hopefully it won't be too much trouble with the truck.

  6. Goodness, so glad that all is okay with sweet Bradley. I know it must be so scary with them out there driving when they're just still our babies. But you're right, trucks are replaceable and our kids aren't...