Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby it's COLD outside!!

Wow!! We have had a week of it!! I enjoyed the snow...not so much the ice but I have enjoyed being here in the the house cooking and hanging out with the family!! I have handled all of it VERY well!! But let me tell you...
Check out the low temp...But warmer days are in sight!! :)

Jeff is back to work today...Help me pray for his safety!!! He will take his time!!
{ ;) Tracy knows!!}
It looks like we will be heading out tomorrow afternoon for Kentucky! Bradley had stressed about us not getting to go but I guess he prayed really hard for this stuff to go away so we could go!! :)
I will be here getting stuff ready where it is nice and warm but can get out today if I need too!! Enjoy your day....Hugs, Love, and Prayers to each of you!!


  1. It is cold outside! You got that right. My dogs are sliding across the yard again this morning. Ice is dangerous. We have found that out this week. I hope you guys have a wonderful trip. You are good parents to do this for your boy! Love you and talk with ya later.

  2. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    Oh Girl, you can have the cold weather, give me my sunshine any day. I have never liked the cold. I love seeing everyone elses beauty in their snow pics, but that is as close to it, as I want to get. Brrrr...

    Britani and Bradley sure looked like they were having fun pulling their Dad. When they go off to college next year, what are you going to do with yourself? Empty nest syndrome. Oh dear.

    Stay warm sweetie, and travel safe. I will be saying some prayers for you while you are on the road. I will also be saying prayers for Jeff sweetie.

    Take care. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  3. Yep, it is cold outside! I am SICK of it, just SICK of it and ready to jump in my little car and head off into the sunset:) I am glad you all are getting to go on your trip. I pray that the roads leading there are clear! Love you and enjoy your day, SIS!

  4. Yes...It IS cold outside...and ya know what? MY HOUSE is cold. It is hard for a heat pump to keep up with these kind of temps for a long period of time!!!! Jonny started a fire yesterday morning, and carried in a truckload of wood and told me...YOUR job is to keep that fire going mom... and boy did I! til I went to bed last night at 11:30 and closed the glass doors on the fireplace...At least the family room is warm and cozy... Kurt has snow and temps in the low teens as highs...I saw where there low this Sat. is 1 degree...I decided today I am NOT going to whine once about the cold...(um, we'll see whether that comes true or not!)
    Hugs to you and BE SAFE on that trip!!!!! xo

  5. Snow & Ice go away us gals want to be getting our toes done and wearing our flip-flops!

    Have a safe trip, enjoy your time away!

    Love you bunches!!