Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catching you up!!

I have a few pictures to share with you from the snow/ice!! First is Wally...when we have a fire in the fireplace...this is where he lays...Nice and warm!!
Can't blame him!!!

When we were able to get out, I took a few pictures of how things looked!! This is a pasture behind us and the cows were no where to be found!! Guess they were staying warm too!!

A church just down the street...I thought was pretty with all the white around it!!

And now for my trip...these two were the happiest two young kiddos ever!! To see my son so happy made the trip so worth it!!

I told them I had to take plenty of pictures of them so when they do get married we have lots of pictures for a picture board!! :)

So that has been about it for me...Back to school tomorrow for me....YAYYY!!! I will go today and get my books so that I will be all ready for it tomorrow!!! I am so excited!!
I hope that all is well with you and I send each of you special Hugs, Love, and Prayers!!!


  1. Sweet pictures of the snow and Bradley and his girl! I know she really makes him happy! I am not sure I am ready to discuss a wedding yet:) Love you bunches, have a wonderful day! HUGS, SIS

  2. LOVE all the pics, Lou! They are so stinkin cute together. Love you very much! :)

  3. Oh, such nice pictures! That church looked just beautiful! Bradley & his chick-a-dee :) so cute! Oh & Wally, that's one smart pup! Glad you enjoyed your trip! Love you lots!