Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do Nothing Saturday!

It was a Saturday that I had really nothing to do! I had planned on cooking dinner for my BIL Jerry and that was about it! I only left the house to go and get a few things that I needed for dinner and next weeks meals!
Here is a picture of him opening his gifts!!
It was a small gathering but it was a WONDERFUL visit!!
Wally was very interested in what he was getting...only because while he was opening his gifts he wasn't petting him!! ;)

Me and Brenda cooked and we had Ritz cracker chicken, mac&cheese, cornbread, beans, deviled eggs, cole slaw, sweet tea and a devils food cake!!

Everything was yummy and just really enjoyed the company!! After we were finished with dinner the phone rang and it was Justin (my Marine) and his friend Josh...Singing a song to me:
"I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME, WE'RE A HAPPY FAMILY" By Barney :) We all laughed and enjoy the duo by them!! Always love to hear from him!!!
You all have a great day...I am off to the church house!!!
Hugs, Love and Prayers to each of you!!


  1. It was a wonderful evening! That is a cute picture of Wallyford poking his nose in Jerry's cards:) Thanks for the invite and dinner was DElicious as always! You girls sure know how to cook AND share!

    Love you bunches, SIS

  2. Adorable pic up top. Looks like Wally is asking, What's it say...what's it there anything in there for me??????? The food looks like a spread at a church dinner!!!! and the song from your Marine is priceless! Hurray for family times. I know you were blessed and happy! :-) :-)Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs to you MMS.

  3. That food looks so good! I can't wait to taste your cooking one day and I am going to try the Ritz chicken! Jerry is blessed to have you for a sil!
    Nothing like topping the fun night with a serenade! Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome that he thinks of you so much. Have a great Sunday, dear! xoxo

  4. YUMMY, NUMMY Food!!! Your brother-in-law looks so happy & Wally is too darn cute. Looks like he's saying where's mine!

    Glad you had a good weekend, have a good week at school!

    Love you bunches!