Saturday, January 8, 2011


Ok...I really do! Living here in the south we don't get much of it so with the slight threat of it well us southerners go CRAZY!!! We rush to the stores to get the bread, mild, eggs and anything else we may need for the one day that it normally last!! But this time they are planning that it could be more and last for several days!!

I have everything I need to last me for a few days!! I am making some dumplins and a cake and that will last us while we are stuck in!! :)
I hope that each of you have a wonderful day!! I will be here getting ready for:
Hugs, Love and Prayers to each of you!!


  1. Snow is good, ice isn't and according to the forecast... we may get a lot! I will be cooking up something to have just in case the power goes out:( Love you, have a wonderful day!

  2. Stuck-in, shut-in!!!! Enjoy your snow my friend! Your blog made me laugh, we New Englanders are a pretty hearty bunch when it comes to our rough weather but google the blizzard of 1978. We were living in Western Mass right outside of upstate NY & we had been having snow since ealry October...we went to connecticut for a long weekend visit & had to leave ahead of the snow that was to come...we had already had so much that my dad wasn't taking nay chances, people here closer to the water thought NO WAY...WELL YES WAY!! It hit & it hit hard!!! Now even when we get a flurry the stores are cleaned picked out of milk, bread, eggs, water...JUNK FOOD LOL!!!!

    Enjoy that snow as for me, I'm ready to pack it up int eh winter time & become a "snow-bird"!!!

    Love you bunches!!!

  3. I LOVE your positive snow attitude! You make me smile!!! Enjoy! xoxo