Friday, May 13, 2011

Class of 2011

I can't believe that these two kids are so grown up and that they are fixing to graduate!!

Theresa and I went up to Daddy's and took some pictures and I love EVERY one of them!!

I love this one!! The old home place address!! I bought Daddy this mailbox just before he got so sick and past away!!!

We only have a couple of weeks left of school and then they will be finished!!

I am feeling so sad!!! Too much going on for me!!! Not sure how much my heart is gonna be able to handle...All I can do is PRAY!!


  1. awww..I hate for bloggy sisters to be sad...they DO grow up fast... TOO fast...I am standing with you and feeling it too. They are ready to spread their wings though and if we hold too tight they will struggle and be hurt...sigh....If we let them go, they will come back, missing all of the home and nest Mama made for them. :-) Hugs to you Cindy Lou. Stay strong. You will be as busy as ever!!! Hope Justin's nose is better!!! It is wonderful to have my Marine back in the States, and home for the weekend... I missed him so. :-)
    Have a super weekend. xo

  2. Our hearts are getting a work-out! These twins are precious, thoughtful, loving and kind:). We just have to enjoy each day and try NOT to worry about what is ahead! If we are so busy worrying, then it dulls the joy:). I am looking in the mirror while saying this!!! Love you bunches, Sis

  3. You have done an awesome job raising the twins and, of course, your Marine, too. Let's hold our heads high and be so proud of what we've accomplished.

    You'll get through everything with the love of your family and friends. And 2012 will be here before you know it.