Friday, May 27, 2011

Where has time gone?

I want to start out by saying I am not a Grand Mother but Tracy's children are about as close to grandchildren as I will have for a while (I hope)!!

I can remember the day Alex was born and she stole my heart!! I never thought she could pull at my heart strings the way she does and then came along Avery and well I had enough love for all four of Tracy and Derek's children!! I just can't believe how they have grown up! Both Alex and Avery were graduating and well we all could not be at both so they put all our names in a hat and picked who would go where!! I was chosen to go to GWA and see Alex graduate!!

She is so precious!!

She will be the graduating class of 2023!! That sounds like a long way off but time is flying by!!

She got her diploma and was so happy!!

Alex and Pa!

Tracy(Alex's sweet mama) and Alex!!

And last but not least...ME and Alex!!!

Uncle Jeff was there but had got caught up in a horrible rain storm and was all wet and we will get a picture of him with her another day!!

Now the Graduations continue...My Twins Graduate tonight!! My heart is full and I am so happy for them! I just sit and think about all the children growing up and well I begin to let the tears flow!! I am just not doing very good with it!!

Justin is doing good and I get to text with him a good bit for now, but he will go to the field Sunday and be gone for a couple of weeks!! I love him and miss him terribly but I know he has to do all this to stay safe during his deployment!!

You all have a great day!!

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    Thank for sharing ALL of these pictures with me! Sorry I missed it but the LOVE was in both places at the same time:) Can't wait for tonight! Gotta get the cameras charged up again! Love you, SIS

    It is me, Ganky:) not anonymous