Monday, May 9, 2011

A little of this and A little of that!

Busy is a good thing but sometimes I want to share things and I just don't have time!!! But tonight I am taking the time while watching DWTS!!!!

And to begin with it was Nursery Rhyme Day at Avery's school and so she was Little Bo Peep!!

Isn't she precious!!

A couple of years ago most of you will remember my sister Barbara's house flooded and so she was able to sale it back to the county and this is what they did with it!! They are making green space there so no one has to worry about the flooding again!!!!

Just is suppose to be going to California for some training so I have the grand puppy!! Her name is Reecy and she is a handful!!! Not sure really what kind of dog she is...but we love her and we are taking really good care of her!!

But then on Wednesday someone backed into the side of his car!!! But it is already in the shop and being fixed!! Yayy....thank God for USAA auto insurance!!! They move quick!!

And then on Friday, he called and said...."I think I broke my nose"!! And well he did and may possibly need surgery!! :(

On Saturday, We went to visit him in Jacksonville and this display was up at Walmart and well I love anything that says USMC!!!

And since we went up on Saturday that meant I got to spend Mother's Day with all three of my children and I enjoyed the heck out of it!! They knew that I really didn't need anything but just being with them was EVERYTHING I NEEDED!!! They all three gave me a really sweet card and then when I got home my adopted daughter Ashley gave me another one and I felt so much love from each of them!! I love them all and would not have my life any other way!!

Then today!!!!

It was Theresa (Ganky's) Birthday and we had lunch at her favorite Chinese place!! I didn't eat cause I have weigh in Wednesday so no cheating here!! Tracy and I put together dinner for her tonight and it was so much fun!!

So this blog post was a little of this and a little of that...But everything that has been going on around here!! I am busy working and planning my meals and trying to loose this weight!! I hope that each of you have a wonderful evening!! And please pray for Justin...His nose is hurting him!!!



  1. Keep us updated on his nose. It looked better than I thought it would. Maybe he won't need surgery.

  2. Great post! Cute little Bo Peep:). Thanks for making my birthday so special! Love you bunches, I will be praying for Justin!

  3. I am so proud of you and the willpower you showed! That would have been hard! I am also happy to hear about your mothers day! What a wonderful blessing to spend it with your kids! It gets harder as they get older! So sorry to hear about Justins nose. That's gotta hurt! Praying for him!!! Have a great week! hugs and loves heading out your way across the country!!!

  4. Bo Peep, so precious! I loved teh pics of the twins and you look FANTASTIC!!!

    Praying for that sweet Marine of yours ALWAYS!

    Love you bunches!!