Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Ready!

So often when we are growing up we have friends that we go to school with or that we met along the way and then you loose touch with them. Well with me I grew up with family and Tracy is a very special person to me! My mama kept her while Theresa went to work and we are more like sisters!! She is such a sweet young lady!! I love her and she is one of my very best friends ever!!!

And a lot of sisters grow up together and stay close through out the years but I was not around when my sisters were all growing up...I was a late in life baby!! But I have been so very lucky to be able to be close to my sisters!! Theresa took me in when our mama died and did her very best to finish raising me!! I am so proud to call her my sister and my friend!!!

And well here are my Children on Easter!!

I have a lot going on and a lot to get ready for!!!

Justin is leaving next week to go for more training to get ready to go to the big sand box! I am not looking forward to him to leaving me again!!! My heart just breaks everytime I think about it!! I pray for his safety during this deployment and for my strength to get through this!!! And then on top of all that...The twins are fixing to graduate!!! My heart just aches know that my babies are growing up and there are no more!! I have a lot of planning and parties to get ready for!! I just hope that my poor little heart can take all this!!

I have to go to WW tomorrow...I hope I have lost 2 or more pounds!!!(I will let you know!)



  1. Hang in there, sweet aunt. Justin will be surrounded by many prayers. We will just have to enjoy the other little ones in our lives, because remember, there are no more babies for me either.

  2. Oh Sweetie...
    SO much to handle for you right now. Justin and the twins too.

    I love seeing the photo of you and Theresa. You two are just precious together. I love how close you both are and the wonderful family time that you all share. It just melts my heart.

    The photo of the 3 kids is just priceless. I want you to know that I will be praying and praying for Justin once again. We will bring him back safely sweetie. Together we are all so powerful. He will feel our prayers clear out in the sandbox once again.

    Your twins growing up and going off to college. You will find new things to keep yourself busy sweetie. They will just be a call away, and I have a feeling they will be coming home quite often. You all are SO close sweet pea.

    Have a wonderful evening. I look forward to photos of the graduation. Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

  3. Oh my goodness, my sweet Sister! I am so thankful your sweet family is so close to me! I have enjoyed seeing all of your kids grow up! I know the next few months are going to be happy and YES sad too but together we will make it! I love you so much! Have a blessed <2point day:) HUGS!

  4. I love how you posted your blessings first and then your concerns and prayer requests! You are amazing and you have been blessed and God will continue to bless you!!! You have done a wonderful job raising His children to be responsible, loving adults who will make a huge impact in this world. Good job!!! Remember... He is not done with you or your babies!!!! love and hugs to you! xoxo

  5. OF COURSE my comment was supposed to say >TWO POUND day! That's what I get for commenting in a hurry! I am so proud of your accomplishments:) Love you, SIS

  6. RAh...keep it up no matter WHAT the scale says. Your efforts are NEVER wasted. I always look at it as cells being burned off rather than pounds, cause sometimes the scale can tick me off!!!!!
    Hugs to you MMS and keep your chin up...I will be getting my Marine back in a week and a half and I can not WAIT, but I also know he is going to start up pre-deployment training immediately to get ready to go back out possibly before the year is over...bwah...I miss him...God gives us strength...yes PRAYER WORKS girl....cheering you on in everything mom...bloggy sis....Marine Mom sister, wife, sister, accomplished weight watching woman!!! YOU ROCK!!! HUGS TO GEORGIA!!!