Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just an update!

Hello...My name is Reecy!! I am staying with my grandma while my dad is doing some training and getting ready to go to that big sand box as grandma calls it!! I am enjoying the stay with her...she is spoiling me!!! I sure miss my dad but I know that he would be with me if he could!!

I know that my grandma got a phone call yesterday because she was so happy!! She is not liking not being able to talk to him...I think she loves him a whole lot!! From what I understood he was doing good!!

My grandma talks about her blogging friends all the time and I wanted to be a part of all this stuff!! I also know that the there are these other people named Bradley and Britani here that are gonna be doing something next week and grandma is getting things ready for! I think they said they are graduating!! Must be something big and I think they are planning a party!! I hope I get to be a part of all that too...I promise I would be a good girl!!

Well I guess I better get going looks like grandma is getting ready to go somewhere so I have to be put up!! I can't be left out cause I like to tear up stuff...I am still a puppy!!!

It was so nice to meet each of you and I hope that you have a good day!!

Grandma says...Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. TOO cute Reecy, your Grandma is happy to have you there:) Your Dad is doing a great job and calls every chance he gets! You be nice now while everyone is gone today! Can't wait to meet you, I am the one they call GANKY!

  2. OH my goodness, HOW did he work it to have a dog while he is living on base...(or is he not in barracks???) WOW! I'm sure my Justin would love having a canine around. Having Bandit their black lab service dog over in Afghan to play with and love on sure was good therapy for him, I am sure!!! Reecy is cute! Hugs to you Cindy Lou. RAH MMS! xoxo

  3. What a cute doggie. I know you are taking good care of it.
    Love you :0)

  4. Oh little puppy...I have a pup that misses her Marine too!!! Stay tough little doggie, stay tough just like your daddy & your grammy!!!!