Saturday, May 28, 2011

One proud mama!

Oh yes I am...ONE PROUD MAMA!!

All three children have now graduated!! That is a big accomplishment these days!! Jeff and I were talking just a few minutes ago and we made through all the years of school with no one getting suspended, or getting in any kind of real trouble! I AM SO PROUD!!!

These two people in this picture with Britani and Bradley, are two of a kind! They have been there for my children like no other two people could or would!! Ganky and Pa are so much like their grand-parents!! My mama and daddy would be so proud and Theresa has seen my family through so many hard time, happy times. sad times and well she is there for me no matter what!!!

Thank you Theresa and Marc!!! You two are so special to us!!

You will never know what y'all mean to us!!

When we began this home school journey I was sure how we would do but Ashley and Kurt moved just minutes away and well she knew all about the work they were doing and was able to help the to the very end!!! Thank you Ashley!!

This is a picture of Bradley with a very nice man, Mr. G! He worked in the office of Newton High all the time Bradley and Britani was there!! He really took to Bradley and was so happy that he was invited to the graduation!!

Since the day she was born she was special to me!! Tracy and her family have been such a special part of my life and my childrens life!! I always said if something happened to me before my children were grown I wanted Tracy and Derek to finish raising the for me!! They have been there for me all the way through!! I love them all so much!!!

Six years ago this very special man came to our church to be our Pastor and he is not only our Pastor but a very dear friend!! He has now been able to see all 3 of my children graduate!!

Bradley is a people person and loved most of his teachers throughout the years but this teacher, Ms. Carlock was his very favorite! She has stuck with him and help him when all the other teachers would have given up!! She still to this day is so special to him!!!

Robert and Bradley have been best friends since middle school and no matter what they still find their way back to each other to be there when they need each other!!

My sweet baby girl!!! I am so PROUD of her!!!

My handsome son!! I am so PROUD of him too!!

I got the catch a picture of them walking in!!

And from Kentucky, Bradleys sweet girl friend came to see all the festivities!!

And here at the twins heading out to practice their graduation!!

I can't believe they are all grown up!!

Justin was not able to be here for the graduation but put a sweet post on facebook!!

He said "I am proud of my bro and sister, sorry I missed it...but know I love y'all and I am here for both of me if you need anything"!!! Such a sweet brother!!!

All three of my children have made me so PROUD!!!


  1. Well now lookie here, what a sweet post dear Sister! I love you all so much and happy to be whatever I am needed to be... You KNOW what a blessing ALL of your Kids are to me! I love them JUST like Grandkids!

    I know that we are having lots of SMILES from Heaven on this Glorious day!

    Love you bunches! NOW THE Graduation PARTY Tomorrow, we are gonna need a beach vacation after all of this is don:)!

  2. RAH RAH RAH...I am proud of you too fellow bloggy mama and Marine Mom sis....Way to Go. You SHOULD be proud. and rah for Papa Jeff. Ya'll did a fantastic job. we love our kids, yes????
    Hugs to you for a great weekend!! xo

    Julie :-)