Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 Birthdays!!!

Well today is November 10th 2009!! And it is the Birthday of the United States Marine Corps! They go all out and have parties and cake and steak dinners and all kinds of stuff! It is an important day!!!
And yes this picture was on my blog yesterday but today is her Birthday!! Like I said yesterday she is very special to me and I just so happened to have met her through the Marine Corps!! I hope that she has a very special day and remember I love you like a sister!!! We have a special bond together!!
Happy Birthday Lynda!!!

I hope you all have a great day and if you can hop over and wish my dear friend a Happy Birthday!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Wow... November has a bunch of special Birthdays:) Happy Birthday Lynda! Marine Corps too! Love you and we gotta get the rain boots out again:(

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...o.k. now I need to go grab a roll of Bounty (yup, i keep it on hand for moments like these!) Have a wonderful day, God Bless LYLAS!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Lynda! I hope it is a wonderful day!! I hear rain! Yuck! Love you and I will see you later!

  4. Yes, in honor of the Marine Corps birthday, my husband wore his Marine Corps shirt to work to represent!!!! Once a Marine, always a Marine!!! Semper Fi!!! ooooohhh rah!!!

  5. Happy birthday to our awesome Marine corp and your awesome friend! xoxo