Monday, November 23, 2009

Day one of my week of being Thankful!!

Day 1 of my week of being Thankful!!!
I want this week to focus on being Thankful!
So I will start my week off by saying that I am so Thankful for my Family!!! They are so special to me!! Not gonna make it all sappy and teary!!
Here we are all together! It doesn't happen much everyone is so busy!! But this was taken last year on our Thanksgiving trip to Camp Lejeue. Justin was just finishing up with his school of infantry and could not leave not we packed up and went to be with him!! It was alot o fun but this year he gets to come home!!

Let's all take just one moment today and focus on what we are Thankful for!!
Have a great day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Update on Alexis...she is home and she is in a full body cast!! It will be a challenge but she is home and will be fine!! Thanks for all the prayers!!


  1. Thanks to you for making me smile EVERY DAY! Great post, loved it...I know what you mean about being never stops. But, I guess that a good thing! O.k., gotta scoot, LYLAS!!

  2. Sweet picture, I am thankful you all will be here this year instead of there:) It wasn't the same without you! Love you and happy to hear Alexis is home!

  3. That was a great family pic! I am thankful that you will be here this Thanksgiving! It is NOT the same without you all! I hope Alexis recovers well and quick without any problems! Love you!!