Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too Busy to Blog...Crazy!

Well I know that it is hard to believe that I would be too busy to blog! I two birthday parties/Halloween parties and help preparation for one of them and then got 2 Marines thrown in and the twins and ALL their friends then...TOO BUSY!!! I look so forward to the weekends and this one was so busy...I am actually looking so forward to going back to work!! So here are a few pictures from Libby's Birthday party/Halloween Party!

Robert and Bradley...the best of friends!!! Bradley was a hunter and Robert was a Bowl Head!! HA! He is so darn funny!Emily Libby and Britani...You know they just don't make costumes the way they use to! These girls are all three beautiful!!

My BEST treat of the whole weekend was this fella!! Yes that's right...Justin!! He came home yet once again!!! I love him so much and as I am sitting here blogging he is playing his guitar for me and made up a song about me..HA! All about how much he loves me and that I will always be here for him!! You think he knows that I love him with all my heart?

Have a great day!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Hey Lou. Looks like you guys had a great time. Busy weekends are sometimes hard because you feel like you never really had a weekend! I look forward to the "down time". I did not get much of that either. Maybe today!

  2. All the costumes are too cute!! Love that Justin got to come home and join in the fun. If there is one thing that Marine knows it is "How Much His Mama Loves HIM"! No doubt. Love you and busy days make us appreciate non-busy days which we don't have very often!

  3. I'm sure he knows how much his mama LOVES him! Great pictures, the kids looked great :) !

    I know what you mean about being busy...sometimes it's more relaxing @ work LOL! Have a great night, LYLAS!!!!!