Friday, November 6, 2009

Me? A High School Graduate!!!

Ok...I will start with this...I will be 40 in just little over a week! UGH!!! Not liking that but I am dealing with it! I may run away and not face it until I just have to...just kidding I am not going anywhere! I think what gets me the most is that my son is 20! But anywho...Being that I am almost 40 I thought long and hard about going back to school because it has been so long since I quit. Yes I know that was stupid but I did it and that is just the way it is! So I decided that I would go to the GED classes and in about 3 months take my GED test and that would be it! I would be a graduate of the class of 2010! Well I went and took what they call A TABE test and I score rather high on those so the Teachers decided that I qualified for the Fast Track program. It is a program that would get me my GED in just 3 weeks!!! I was not so sure about that but agreed to go with that program!
I did my classes one day for 3 subject, Reading, Social Studies and Science. Then went another day for Writing and then once more for Math! I felt ok about all of them except MATH!! I just knew that I would fail that test!! Well now that I have completed all my classes and took all my test I go this email today:
You should receive your results in the mail in a few weeks.

Nancy Thompson
Lead Teacher/Supervisor
DeKalb Technical College, Adult Education
Morgan, Newton, Rockdale Counties
And then I will get one of these!! It will have my name on it, I am so excited!!!I called Justin and told him and he said "Well Mom, I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it you helped me all the way through school and I came out with a B average!!" I did help him and I did learn alot through that and with helping Bradley and Britani, that is what probably kept with the skills to pass!! I am so glad that this is over and now I will move on to do CNA classes in January!!
48 days until Christmas!!!
Have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I am so proud of you Sis! I think that you should have added that you were taking care of our Mama who had just had a stroke! That was more important to you at the time than any stinking diploma! That was a crown you earned:) I know that you feel that you have acomplished something huge. The old brain gets a bit rusty and you certainly shook the rust off! Go Girl! I love you! Sis

  2. Cindy, I am SOOOOOO Proud of you, I just knew you could do it :-) ~ your family must be so proud too. Good luck on your next venture!!! Have a wonderful day, LYLAS!!!!!

  3. Woohoo!!! Good Gor!! I am so proud of you! I love you very much!

  4. Yay, Cynthia! I am so proud of you and you'll be an excellent CNA.