Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The day before...

Here we are the day before the big T day...Thanksgiving!! This week I have been sharing with you people that are in my life that I am so very Thankful to have!! I have shared with you my husband and children and then all my brothers and sister and so today....This person is so special to me!! We have been together since I was about 4 years old!! My Mama kept her while her mama worked, her mama is my sister....anybody know who I am talking about...

She is that special person that I am talking about today!!

I never want to imagine my life with out her in it!! She shares her family with me and I love them all so much!!!! She was my friend/niece as a child and still today she is my friend/niece and I love her dearly!!!

You all have a great day!! Lots of baking and preparations for tomorrow being done today!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I love her too:) Have a wonderful day and don't let the smell of all that food come up 212. I need to wait until tomorrow to eat:) Love you, SIS!

  2. What a nice surprise to wake up (late) to! I am tearing up over here! Thanks so much! I am certainly thankful for you too Lou!! Love you!

  3. Nice are such a special person to so many people & we couldn't imagine our lives without you :). Have a great rest of the day, be sure to rest up for tomorrow, I'm wearing my elastic waist pants tomorrw LOL!!!!! Have a great night, LYLAS!!!