Friday, November 13, 2009

All for ME!!

Yes that is right....A surprise party for me!!
Monday I will be!!
My family and some of my dearest friends got together and put together a surprise party for me!! It was soooo nice!!!!
I got lots of special gifts!! And Lynda I got me a Georgia Snuggie!!! I love it! I got a Christmas tree ornament for my new tree I am gonna go get today! And about 65.00 in gift cards!! I also got a new dress for church!! Then a really neat gift was a glass cube that had a picture of Justin in it!!! Oh and I also got this really cute purse...can you tell I just love everything that I got!! It was a really good time for me and everyone else too!! I will never be able to thank everyone enough!! It was just great!!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. It was a fun time:) I really enjoyed being with everyone and you got some great gifts! Love you and hope you enjoy your day... I KNOW you will:)

  2. I read Ganky's blog before I stopped over here & I saw that stack of gifts.....!!! OHHHH BOY & cash/cards the best now you tooo shall go & have some retail therapy :) looks like you had a great time! Have a womderful day, God Bless & remember ILYLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so happy with how many people came out for you! It was a great time! I was so excited when I saw some of the gifts you got. The glass cube with Justin's picture was my favorite, although I know you really wanted a Snuggie!! ;) Love you and have a wonderful day! Go Dogs!

  4. BTW, hope Bradley had an ok night!!! Tell him we love him!

  5. It was a great party. You'll love your Snuggie!

  6. So your little dinner turned into a surprise party! How awesome! How is Bradley doing? Have fun with Justin this weekend. Enjoy your last few days in your 30's.... you are entering the 40's. lol! (oh, i am funny!)